At last, Claridge’s Map Room has been revealed and we can start using it as our new business bolt-hole.

It used to be the barber shop, now it’s a plush space where guests have complimentary use of integrated Macs, PCs, laptops and iPads with Claridge’s staff on hand for stress-free tech support. A relaxing den where you can pause and pontificate, it serves all your business needs (probably on a silver platter) with a great big dollop of elegance and art deco on the side.

Just off the main lobby and accessible 24/7 to Claridge’s residents, the new room has been designed by the team at Linley, so it features a spectacular wall-size map of the world made from inlaid wood (inlaid wood being one of Linley’s specialties), crowned by a bespoke steel clock denoting Greenwich Mean Time. It also has a whole library of books curated by Assouline and timely deliveries of tasty treats fresh from Claridge’s kitchen. Just about the perfect spot to make Gordon Gekko-style decisions, do some epic business, and make yourself an even bigger player in the great big game of life.

Claridge’s, Mayfair, London.