The Michelin-starred Northcote reopens its cooking school

Lancashire’s Northcote stepped up to the (hot) plate during lockdown. Their gourmet boxes were among the best out there. Chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen popped up on various series of Great British Menu. And their reopening was cheered by fans of seriously good food across the UK.

We’re not sure if it’s a hotel with a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a Michelin-starred restaurant with rooms but, either way, those descriptions are about to get more elaborate with the reopening of its celebrated Cookery School.

Under the guidance of Bruno Birkbeck, a chef who’s worked in several of the UK’s finest kitchens, the courses cover a range of skills, from the basics to the Michelin-esque flourishes, and are suitable for all abilities, from those who can’t peel a spud to those whose quenelles could do with a little work.

Days start with a light breakfast and a tour of the kitchens, include lunch with matching wines, and mid-afternoon coffee and treats. And, somewhere between all of that, you’ll learn how to cook at least four dishes and take home what you’ve made. For bookings and more details, click here.