Well, when you’re on a world tour every year, you need a luggage sponsor

Take one world-leading luggage brand and one world-beating tennis player and what do you get? Samsonite X Casper Ruud.

And, frankly, we should get a medal for avoiding all the Ruud puns. Seriously, remember this day. It’s when we may have achieved maturity.

But back to Casper. “I’m playing tennis and traveling around the world for most of the year,” he explains. “Because of this, I need durable luggage that makes it easy for me to get around and also looks good at the same time.” And this shade probably doesn’t hurt when you’re at the baggage carousel either…

Officially, Casper has chosen the Samsonite luggage and backpack that most suits his lifestyle, from the Proxis and Ecodiver collections. “We are thrilled to welcome Casper as one of our global brand ambassadors,” explains Samsonite Vice President Edouard Wattel, “as we share similar values, notably trust, resilience, and performance.”

Seriously. Look at us. We didn’t even make a “balls” joke there.

The Ecodiver is water-resistant and made with recycled materials, while the Proxis is made from something called Roxkin™, an” exclusive multi-layered material developed by Samsonite” it says here, that “bounces back into shape, offering remarkable strength, resilience and lightness.” It’s also covered by wecare, Samsonite’s new global service plan, that comes with the opportunity to recycle or repurpose the suitcase after five years.

For details of these and other cases, take a look at the Samsonite website right here…