Let’s face it. This last year and a bit have not been the best for travel. They’ve also been the most confusing in memory with lists and traffic lights of various hues, frequently contradictory advice and testing requirements that changed place to place and week to week.

There is, however, always the Maldives. Off the red list (well, at the time of writing), sparsely populated and dotted with luxury resorts that make it easy to avoid everyone else anyway, the Maldives offers some proper respite from the ongoing weirdness – and some brand new places to stay, such as Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa, a new 141 villa resort on the picturesque Thilamaafushi Island, in the southern pocket of Lhayviyani Atoll.

The site offers one, two and three bedroom villas spread across the (eco-conscious) property, from tropical landscape to pristine beaches and THAT water, with its coral reefs bursting with vibrant marine life, including pods of manta rays and turtles.

There’s a spa (but of course), two infinity pools and six restaurants so, should the rules change yet again, you won’t get bored, stressed or go hungry…