Have you heard the one about the insurance broker, the surfer and the engineer?

Look, we know it’s not funny, but we can only work with what they gave us.

They got together and, 12 years later, created a really cool thing.

And what Jennifer Köhnsen, Carsten Höltig and Holger Daum gave us is the mo-jet.

As lovers of fast water sports, the three have been working on a new way of travelling on and under the water. The result – the mo-jet – offers speeds of more than 65 km/h and, when it launches in February 2022, looks likely to redefine the possibilities for e-surfboards. According to Jennifer, the team wanted “to create the coolest product ever. A system that is fun for everyone, child’s play to assemble and transport, and an overwhelming experience.”

To realise the dream, it was necessary to navigate around three big obstacles: weight, size and battery power. Normal batteries usually weigh around 27 kg, take two-to-three hours to recharge and need to cool down between uses. The mo-jet team have created one that weighs a third of that, that charges in 45 minutes and is self-cooling. Sounds like 12 years well spent then…

The modular set-up means the mo-jet can be converted from surfboard to diving jet in a matter of seconds. There’s even a “rescue” module for lifeguards.

The mo-jet will be available from February 2022, in a launch run of just 200, with a starting price of EUR 10,000. You might want to take a look at the website quite soon then.