Gordon & MacPhail’s release the last cask whisky to bear the Milton’s name

Although these days it’s known as Strathisla, before 1951 this celebrated distillery – which has been in continuous production since the 1700s – was the Milton Distillery. And it’s this name that adorns the latest, extremely rare release from Gordon & MacPhail.

The 72 year-old Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Milton Distillery is the oldest, and last ever, single malt to be released by the company that will bear the Milton name. With only 180 bottles available worldwide, this whisky packs a remarkable ABV of 48.6%, and was matured by the company in a first fill sherry puncheon. It’s been described as “gloriously drinkable” by whisky writer Gavin D Smith, which is just as well really. Would have been a little disappointing if he’d declared it “a bit meh.”

Ewen Mackintosh, Managing Director at Gordon & MacPhail says “Having carefully assessed its progress down the decades, we feel now is finally the right moment to reveal this landmark single malt to enthusiasts and collectors. In terms of rarity, this deserves true ‘icon’ status. A Gordon & MacPhail whisky of this age bearing the Milton name has never – and will never – be seen again.

The 72-year-old Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Milton Distillery retails at £50,000 per decanter. For more information, take a look at their website.