Juva Lodge is the closest you can get to the North Pole without going on an expedition

There’s seclusion and there’s seclusion. And then there’s Juva Lodge.

While there are never guarantees you’ll see the Northern Lights, there are ways of improving those odds and, frankly, the latest experience from Off The Map Travel, slashes them.

It’s a five-day adventure in Svalbard, Norway, the furthest north Off The Map Travel have ventured, transporting guests to the comfort and isolation of the new Juva Lodge. The location experiences 24 hours of darkness and no light pollution, so if you’re going to see that sometimes elusive Aurora, this is probably the place to do it.

“The Northern Lights are on so many people’s bucket lists, but as they are a natural phenomenon, they are never guaranteed,” says Jonny Cooper, Arctic travel expert and founder of Off the Map Travel. “To have the best chance of seeing them you need clear, dark skies. When the sun never rises, you will more than double your chances of seeing them.”

And if you don’t, well, Svalbard’s magnificent scenery is quite the consolation prize.

As for the Juva Lodge, it’s a traditional cabin equipped with comfortable beds, a warm fireplace, Scandinavian styled lounge room, kitchen and a brand-new glass-fronted barrel sauna with astonishing views.

Transport ranges from snowcat to dog sled, and this five-day, four-night Polar Night itinerary costs from £2699 per person, on a full board basis, based on two people travelling, not including flights.

For more information visit their website, call 0800 566 8901 or email info@offthemap.travel