St Barthélemy, aka St Barts (Ouanalao if you’re a local, apparently) – a Caribbean playground for spendy showbizz types, and literally festooned with celebrity villas. One of which belongs to banjo-strumming actor and Three Amigos funny guy, Steve Martin.

The house – known as Villa Au Soleil – is a 4-bedroom single-story private residence with 270 degree ocean vistas and tropical gardens. Wall-to-wall terraces, a built-in barbecue pit and a two-tiered infinity pool, so there’s plenty of space to throw a lasso, or a party, then. If you can get with the cheerily bright decor (so vibrant!) then it’s a real real estate cache.

Last year Martin became a father for the first time at the ripe old age of 67 so there’s a chance the property rejig could be down to the responsibilities that come with being a new Dad.

Perched high in the hills of Lurin with views of St. Jean Baie, it also looks directly down onto busy Gustaff III Airport so you can keep track of all the celebrity comings and goings. And when the island’s movers and shakers include David Rockefeller, Roman Abramovich, not to mention Daniel Craig, Demi Moore and Simon Cowell, we’d certainly be throwing a cursory glance in that general direction from time to time.

On sale with Sotheby’s International Realty, the asking price is $11.4 million (snagging a $2 million profit for the savvy stand-up). Or, rent it for a mere $16,500 – $38,000 a week.

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