*Clears throat, adopts Australian accent* “That’s not a knife. That’s a knife”

Look, it was either Crocodile Dundee or a “Salient Point” joke. Neither of which, to be fair, do knifemakers Salient any justice.

Founded in 2020 by Marc Engall and Cameron Mcintosh (no, not that one), Salient offer what are probably the finest hunting and country sports knives available in the UK.

Expect the best in materials, sourced and made in the UK, and the greatest precision knife-making tools. Prices range from £400 to… well, the sky is the limit for something bespoke. Gold plated, diamond encrusted, unicorn ivory… Okay, possibly not the last but you get the point.

Marc was trained by the late Stephen Wade Cox, perhaps the world’s most renowned knife maker. After Stephen’s passing in 2016, Marc was inspired to develop his own range of knives. Salient is the evolution of that idea, a range of hand finished knives that offer exceptional performance, beautiful finishing and unrivalled exclusivity.

Salient currently offer two models named Cambridge and Canterbury with the option to upgrade the Canterbury knives with bespoke elements as part of the Master collection.

Both the Salient Cambridge and the Salient Canterbury feature a 4mm thick stainless-steel blade with a hollow-grind bevel, hardened to 58 HRC. They’re available with a choice of hand finished handles, in either English walnut or 6,000year old English Bog Oak, with brass Loveless bolts, and can be laser engraved with either the Salient logo or full filigree scroll work. They both come with a handmade 3.5mm thick English leather sheath.

The Master Collection, however, offers hand engraving – by former Purdeys engraver Greg Goodwillie – hand checkering and hand finishing options on the Canterbury model. Taking 120 days to make, each knife is meticulously hand made from start to finish in England, ensuring attention to detail and the finest quality material. Each knife in The Master Collection is engraved with a motif on the blade. Salient can also personalise these knives to mark special occasions, or to complement engraving on a favourite gun or other engraved item, making them the perfect gift for the discerning country sportsman.  

Prices start at £400 for Cambridge and Canterbury collection, and £3,300 for the Master Collection. For more information, you know what to do…