Phileas Fogg would definitely win his £20,000 wager at the Reform, if he were mates with Bill Peach.

As fans of travelling but not of being stuck in a flying tube with hundreds of strange smelling, unsmiling strangers, private jet tours are pretty high on our list of favourite things. If you feel the same, you’ll understand why we’re so excited that this year, Bill Peach Journeys – the pioneer of luxe air-cruising across Oz – are celebrating their thirtieth year of doing what they do best, by doing what they do best.

‘Passage Through Ancient Cultures’ is the brand new London to Sydney itinerary launching in September 2013 that will allow you to hop, skip and jump across the world in eighteen days – stopping off at thirteen incredible destinations along the way. If you’re feeling crazy and/or fancy mixing things up a bit, there’s also the option of doing the whole thing back to front – taking off in Sydney and visiting the likes of Bali, Cambodia and Thailand.

Those kick-starting the tour in good old London town will board the custom-designed luxury Embraer 135LR with up to thirty three guests/fellow adventurers and set off on an epic tour of Croatia, Egypt, UAE, India, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia, before finally arriving down under where you’ll hit up Broome, Ayers Rock and Sydney. What a tour indeed. The brilliant news is, with the jet’s ability to fly fast n’ low, travel time is minimised and ‘flightseeing’ maximised – allowing you plenty of time to explore some of the most diverse and most coveted destinations in the world.

The chance to see Egyptian temples, the Taj Mahal at sunrise, Buddhist monks in Laos, orangutans in Borneo and the Australian outback all in one seamlessly coordinated and fabulously luxurious trip doesn’t come around very often. We recommend you sign up immediately.