A new name in the UK audio market is bringing its 30-years of experience in the Hi-Fi industry to households everywhere just in time for Christmas. Offering a totally fresh approach to the way we listen, Blue Auras distinctive audio products will appeal to the most discerning music fans through the winning combination of high-end sound and striking aesthetics, delivering an approach to digital music that heightens quality and enhances the aural experience.

The ideal Christmas present for the music fanatic in your life, the dynamic duo of Blue Auras WS30i Active Monitors are out and ready to be unwrapped. Small but perfectly formed, this perfect pair of advanced multi-media speakers fit neatly onto the desktop or bookshelf, cunningly filling the gap between computer speakers and true home audio, giving the convenience of the first and the powerful presence of the latter.

Priced at just £179, the WS30i system is the perfect audio outlet for your iPod, TV or computer, comprised of two loudspeakers and an integral amplifier, all the cables required to hook it up to any digital audio source and a remote control for easy operation as sound solutions go, the WS30i beats all others at this price point and many above. Married to the clean, beautifully balanced sound is some equally clean design, with the system slickly styled and luxuriously finished to become a welcome addition to any interior. The WS30i is a true triumph of looks and talent.

The first arrival released by Blue Aura, for those whose appetites have been whetted, you can expect a lot more soon from this ground-breaking company. With their firm belief in providing great performance and exceptional build quality whilst incorporating the latest technological developments in electronics and manufacturing, Blue Aura design to feed your passion for music and design excellence and stand to take the audio industry by storm.