Christmas grocery shopping? All you need is Steens.

Steens raw, cold processed, 100% pure New Zealand Manuka Honey is seriously good smothered on toast, marvellous in mulled wine, great on gammon, perfect on parsnips and a really brilliant addition to any kitchen.

Taking honey seriously since 1982, Steens have over 10,000 beehives dreamily located across the beautiful and remote wilderness of New Zealand’s North Island. As if that wasn’t good enough, the good folk at Steens are able to track each pot of honey back to its origin. Clever stuff that.

Paul, the founder of the company, says “We are masters at fusing the age-old traditions of beekeeping with the modern world. Our determination is to give the world a honey just as nature intended.” We love you, Paul.

Not only is the honey richly golden with a distinct texture and aroma, but it has plenty of health benefits too. Whilst you enjoy this sweet treat, you are soothing your immune and your digestive system, healing any wounds and skin ailments, and boosting your energy. Honey, please!