Gawd bless you, ma’am. Sixty years of anything is worth celebrating, let alone sixty years in the same job. It’s no wonder then that so many companies are marking the Diamond Jubilee with special editions or limited edition releases.

Most we can take or leave. When luxury loose tea experts Tea Horse got in on the act, however, we took notice, even more so when we discovered that they were working with mixologist Julian de Feral and Beefeater 24 to create a special drink.

The drink in question is Crown Jules Punch, Feral’s modern twist on a traditionally British punch cocktail. Some say punch is derived from the Hindi word panch, meaning five, a reference to the number of traditional ingredients used: alcohol, tea, lemon, sugar and spices. Others say sailors created punch in the 17th century as a replacement for beer that didn’t spoil on long voyages. Whatever the origins, it’s the perfect way to toast Her Majesty’s six decades on the throne.

The teas used is called, appropriately, Punch Blend No. 1, crafted by the Master Tasters at Tea Horse and a blend of delicate varieties of Chun Mee and Rooibos teas, with citrus peel, ginger, peppermint and British rhubarb to give an added fruity tang. It’s delicious on its own, but even more so when combined with Beefeater 24: and given the Queen Mother’s history, toasting the Jubilee with a little gin seems even more appropriate.

Punch Blend No. 1 is actually one of four bespoke teas created by Tea Horse for the celebrations, the others being the appropriately named Commonwealth Blend, Garden Party and, with inspiration from Her Majesty’s favourite childhood treat, a Chocolate Peppermint blend. The teas are available as part of Tea Horse’s monthly subscription service, where four 20g packs of tea (plus filters and tasting notes) are delivered to your door.