For lovers of fine wines and other beverages, a tour around the producers’ villas for a tasting session is a much enjoyed pastime  But after a while, one craves something a bit different. Rémy Martin is offering a range of unique ”Les Rendez-Vous” visitor packages in Cognac.

The tours are made for small groups who are looking for a more personalised experience and a chance to look deeper into the heritage of Rémy Martin. During the tours, the guests will get to appreciate the cognacs, as chosen by the only female Cellar Master, Pierrette Trichet. Each tour has their own Rémy Martin expert for the personal touch.

The Rémy Martin estate includes the historic house in Cognac, the Distillery at Touzac, the cellars at Merpins and Club Rémy Martin. The Club offers a gastronomic experience created by Philippe Saint Romas, the House’s new head chef. An unforgettable lunch or dinner is most definitely on the cards.

To further personalise the experience, guests are offered the chance to learn how to blend Cognac to their preference and the family estate of Le Grollet is available to those who want to take a tour of the wine pressing hall, view the historic stone stills and enjoy further dining experiences.

The House of Rémy Martin was founded in 1724 by a young and ambitious wine grower and has always been synonymous with the finest cognacs.

Two examples of tours available:

Discover Rémy Martin: (Available for groups of 2-25)

Explore the House of Rémy Martin in Cognac and/ or the Merpins Estate

Tasting session accompanied by appetisers prepared by the chef

Gastronomic lunch in the heart of the Club Rémy Martin

Behind the Scenes at the House of Rémy Martin: (Available for 2-25)

Tour of a cooperage

Private tour of the Merpins Estate or House of Rémy Martin

Tasting session of cognacs accompanied by appetisers prepared by the Chef

Gastronomic lunch at the Club Rémy Martin

Tour of Le Grollet family estate