It’s safe to say that Christmas dinner is the best meal of the year – if not for the food then for your darling family and the cosy, festive atmosphere. But your standard Christmas dinner pales in comparison to Ben Spalding’s Ultimate Christmas Dinner. Ben (pictured) is head chef at John Salt and one to watch in the London restaurant scene, having had residencies at some of the world’s top restaurants.

Made using the very finest of ingredients and priced at a cool £125,000, this four course, four person meal is surely the ultimate festive experience. We reckon so.

To kick things off, diamond studded flutes will be filled with a £37,000 bottle of Champagne that pre-dates the First World War, as you sample £5,000 Almas caviar with 150 year old balsamic vinegar. Have you tasted China’s Yubari King melon before? Didn’t think so. At £2,500, it’s the easily the most expensive melon in the world and will make up your second course, accompanied by a £3,500 white truffle.

Spalding beats your organic, free range turkey this year, with his rare Dodine breed accompanied by Wagyu beef fillet and heart. Tasty at a smooth £5,000. That wasn’t good enough for our Ben though, who will (personally) wrap it in £6,000 edible 50 carat golf leaf and sprinkle it with £5,000 Akbari Pistachios.

Rounding off the whole affair quite nicely, dessert will be served on a gold Ugandan vanilla plate. The course includes £3,000 worth of whipped Kopi Luwak coffee beans that the Asian Palm Civet cat will kindly excrete for you, alongside the super special seedless Densuke watermelon, grown only on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

Tempted? We will if you do.