Le Petit Beefbar reaches Scotland

For a restaurant that celebrates compactness in its name, Le Petit Beefbar seem pretty hellbent on global domination.

They’re in Italy, France, Greece, Qatar, Malta, Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, Hong Kong, the USA to name but a few locations. And now, to add to their London outpost, they’re adding a second UK location in Edinburgh.

In June 2023, founder Riccardo Giraudi brings his modern steakhouse idea to the grand dining room of the InterContinental Edinburgh The George.

Giraudi comes from a family of pioneers in the European beef industry: the Giraudi group led the import of hormone-free Black Angus beef from the United States, and were the first importers of certified Japanese Kobe Beef into Europe nearly a decade ago. So, cough, they’ve earned their chops.

Unsurprisingly, Scottish beef will be front and centre of this menu… although their global approach includes influences from everywhere, hence dishes such as Kobe Beef Jamón, the dry-aged beef rib-eye packed Croque Sando, with prosciutto and mozzarella, and Nobu-tributing Miso Black Beef, a take on that cod dish.

For details, keep an eye on the Intercontinental The George’s website. Be hungry.