Packing light ain’t easy. Particularly if you’re going somewhere with an unreliable climate – i.e. everywhere now. Or you have to do beach to black tie in one trip. Ensuring that your gear arrives un-creased is difficult too.

With this in mind, I’ve searched the universe for perfect luggage. First prize goes to Tumi. (Please see Secret Address Book.) But worthy of a big mention is the new, award-winning Cosmolite by Samonsite – primarily because it’s an ultra, uber light case. (Scanty enough to swing around your body one-handed, if you choose.) Plus it’s super easy to manoeuvre. (Like most of the best things in life, it has four wheels – multi directional, really smooth spinning ones.) And it has a case so hard/durable/protective you can probably drop it from the Eiffel Tower and it won’t crack. (It uses Curv ® technology – polypropylene usually used in bullet proof vests and skis.)

Its ridged ‘sea shell’ exterior isn’t exactly Louis Vuitton – but it minimises the risk of scratches. The monotube push button pull-handle moves up and down easily, and you can hang your hand luggage over it. And it’s got a fancy (international, secure TSA) lock – although that can be temperamental. Inside it’s minimalistic, just two empty spaces with zipped divider pads plus one small pocket. It comes in cabin or three larger sizes. Charcoal, red, black and blues. Go for one that has a capacity of 91 litres, weighs a mere 2.78kg…. it’s an absolute snip at £335.

Caroline Phillips ( is an award-winning journalist who has written for the Sunday Times, The Times, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Additionally she has been published in a variety of magazines, from Tatler to Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair. She is a consultant for Globalista – website for the discerning traveller – and contributing editor of Country & Town House. She has been a contributing editor of Spear’s and co-edited its Spa Guide.