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Fancy some good ethics with your skiing perks? Vail Resorts have got you covered

“We will not waver in our commitment to continuously reinvest in the ski and ride experience,” says Ryan Bennet, Chief Marketing officer of Vail Resorts.

He’s got a point. Already a very fine place to ski – we’ve even got a feature imminent – Vail Resorts are investing some $175m in their employees (so expect even happier staff than before) and some $300m in the mountain experience for the 2022 / 23 season. Which, these days apparently, gets you 21 new ski lifts across 14 resorts.

Should you need a little more incentive beyond better paid teams, then that’s in hand too, with better value, more flexible passes. You can even, should you be in one of those damned annoying asset-rich / cash-poor scenarios, defer payment with no down payment and zero interest.

Elsewhere, all the passes available come with a range of different benefits, such as “Buddy Tickets” – purchase early and you’ll get assorted benefits to bring your friends and family along to enjoy the experiences – and discounts on food, drink, lodging, equipment rentals and assorted other things you’ll need while skiing.

For more details on the passes and their benefits, take a look at the Epic Pass website. And for more details of the upgrades – such as Whistler Blackcomb’s change from a six-person to a 10-person, high-speed gondola, or Park City’s new Eagle Lift (a high-speed six-person chair), which will significantly reducing crowding and wait times – check out EpicPass on Instagram.

For even more info, take a look at www.vailresorts.com and www.snow.com.