Like anyone in the public eye, the Queen’s clothes are discussed extensively in the media… though usually just to the tune of “Oh, she’s gone for a purple one this time” or “Yup, pearls again”

In honour of the 60th Anniversary of dear old Queenie’s rein, however, she will be fully embracing the scene and hosting a series of fashion shows in her garden. I mean, why the devil not?

Running as part of the four-day Coronation Festival that will take over the capital from 11th-14th July (we are in equal parts informing you and warning you), the shows will celebrate sixty glorious years of both the iconic style of our matriarch and that of our country. The event will showcase over 200 companies that have been awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment; everything from Saville Row’s finest tailors, to Hunter, DAKS, and even our beloved Royal Mail.

Contemporary London designer Joey Bevan will be mixing things up with his specially commissioned dresses made from the likes of Jaguar, Land Rover and Bentley car parts. Mr Bevan said: “The designs will include everything from plastic car indicators and dresses embellished with metal nuts and springs, to outfits using samples of carpets and wallpaper from Buckingham Palace. I hope the Queen will be pleasantly surprised.”

The shows will take place on a 400-seat raised catwalk surrounded by flowerbeds in Buckingham Palace Gardens, and are expected to be attended by all senior members of The Royal Family. Fancy joining her madge for all of the tea, tweed and James Bond tributes you could ever want? Further information and tickets are available on the Coronation Festival website.