A company that brings the mountain of plentiful healthy food to the Mohammed of… let’s just stop there, shall we?

I once met terrifying Kiwi personal trainer, Tim Bean, with a view to becoming another one of his victims…sorry, clients. A revered expert and hard ass, Tim charged £5,000 for a three-month stint, in which he and his nutritionalist wife would be on 24 hour call to give support and advice, during moments of simpering weakness. We would establish a target weight to reach in that 12 weeks. The catch? I’d have to sign a contract that bound me to pay an additional £5,000 to charity, if I failed. I asked how many charities had benefited from this piece of ruthless reverse psychology. ‘Not one’, was the answer. Money wins over logic. Everytime.

Luckily, in the last few years, our collective willpower has grown, so we can be trusted to look after ourselves without having to fear financial penalties. Total Diet Food is part of a growing trend for bespoke healthy eating delivered to your home or office, fresh everyday.

For about £30 a day, the company will provide an entire healthy menu to get you from breakfast to dinner. Based on the lower fat, lower GI cuisine of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, the idea is that if you enjoy your grub, you don’t feel shortchanged by cutting certain temptations out. Over the week, I have tucked into delicious Gluten and Wheat Free Wholegrain Pancakes served with Poached Peaches, Red Grape Syrup and Low Fat Natural Yoghurt and Lemon and Chilli Marinated and Herb, Parmesan and Pine Nuts Crusted Swordfish served with Roasted Aubergine and Cherry Tomatoes. Snacks are provided as well. It certainly ain’t horse food. If you’re just starting to look after yourself, the company can hook you up with their in-house trainer, Ryan McMahon, too. And he doesn’t threaten to take five grand off you, if you don’t work hard. Which is nice.