Norway’s Hattvika Lodge opens a new fine dining restaurant.

The craze for Scandi chic shows little sign of slowing and, frankly, when it you see places like Hattvika Lodge, you’ll understand why.

It’s a hotel in as much as you can rent exquisite accommodation there but we’re going to borrow their term of “charming cabin environment” to try and paint a fuller picture. The property features  rooms and apartments described as Hillside and Seaside, plus the Lodge itself, offering visitors well-appointed options with clean lines, simple design, and stunning views. For those seeking peace, quiet and the perfect spot for a little hygge, this is the one. For those seeking a little more activity, Hattvika collaborate with local providers including local fishermen, private chefs, summer guides, skitouring guides, kite operators, surf operators, seakayak operators and diving operators.

And, as of the end of January 2023, there’s also a new fine dining restaurant, Fangst to add to the mix.

Fangst is a Norwegian word meaning “catch”, which gives a hint to the main focus of the menu. The location – overlooking Ballstad harbour in Norway’s breath-taking Lofoten archipelago, which has been home to a thriving fishing industry for hundreds of years – means there’s a natural emphasis on seafood, alongside locally sourced herbs, wild plants and seaweed. Tio emphasise the “catch” element, Fangst even has its own landing quay to ensure ingredients are as fresh as humanly… well, as fishily possible.

Kristian Bøe, who co-owns and manages Hattvika Lodge with wife, Guri, says “We are extremely fortunate that our location in Northern Norway provides us with truly amazing raw ingredients on our doorstep, with delicacies such as shellfish and seaweed, and traditional Arctic specialities including moose, reindeer and flavoursome, marbled Lofoten lamb.

“We also have a long tradition of salted cod and organic cheeses on these islands, together with some unusual indigenous produce such as red algae and seaweed truffle, all of which add to our offering.”

Three courses start at approximately £70, five-course menus from £100 and seven courses from £120, with wine pairings from around £40 to £80. 

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