Spherification is the unique process of taking liquid and reshaping it into a sphere. Never tried it before, or even heard of it? It’s well worth trying. It’s rather complicated to make, so the two-Michelin starred restaurant Hibiscus is offering it. It’s a unique experience.

The drink is made with Ketel One vodka, as Claude Bosi, the chef-patron explains; I always start with the best ingredients, this way I know that the possibilities for creating the very best results are endless. Ketel One is particularly good for this drink as it is a beautifully crafted vodka with real character.

The cocktail is made with fresh pineapple juice, Hibiscus syrup and the ultra premium Ketel One vodka. Meticuloulsy handcrafted, Ketel One is distilled in the original copper pot still from 100% top grade wheat at the Nolet Distillery in Holland.

The Nolet Distillery was established in 1691 by Joannes Nolet to produce Jenever. Ten generations on, it is still owned by the Nolet family and led by chairman, Carl Nolet Sr. The family continues to apply their knowledge and experience to producing Ketel One Vodka and Ketel One Citroen for several international markets and Ketel 1 Jenever for the Dutch market. The company remains steeped in tradition and is one of the oldest family operated businesses in Holland.