Super-premium Ketel One vodka has teamed up with the new generation cooking school, L’atelier des Chefs, to offer an exceptional start to your weekend.  Get along to the uber-chic home of gastronomy in Wigmore Street where the evening begins with a vodka master class. You’ll find out everything you need to know about vodka and, in particular, Ketel One, a hand-crafted, distinctive and characterful spirit.

Next, you’ll rub shoulders with some of London’s top mixologists who’ll show you how to prepare the ultimate Ketel One vodka martini cocktail. Learn about the importance of the ingredients and the art of the preparation. Olive, twist or dirty? Do you shake or stir? Does it matter? You’ll find out soon enough.

Sip on your vodka martini cocktail as you move on to one of the three food stations where professional chefs demonstrate up close and personal – the art of sushi preparation including sashimi, nigiri and nori. You’ll also get to taste everything you make.

And finally, theres another chance to extend your cocktail making repertoire as you’re taught to make a Ketel One vodka Grapefruit Julep a magnificent sundowner and the perfect start to the rest of your weekend.

The first event is in early November, so head over to their website to find out more.,