The world’s most personal concierge service? Quite possibly…

As the world reopens – possibly temporarily, probably intermittently – we all need a little help. For some that will be making head or tail of the travel restrictions. For others, that will be a way of finding Super Bowl tickets, securing the ultimate yacht in Monaco or sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week. And if social distancing remains in place, that demand outstrips supply even more than in the “before times”.

Which is where Knightsbridge Circle comes in.

More to the point, it’s where Knightsbridge Circle’s invitation-only, Elite membership comes in.

The travel and lifestyle management company has introduced this upper echelon to reflect the growing audience for the most in-demand experiences and to give its members the greatest possible access to such events. Already offering the highest staff-to-client ratio in the world – at its usual membership level, Knightsbridge Circle’s Personal Managers work with a maximum of five clients – for Elite members, that ratio becomes 1:1. Elite members, and their families, will have a dedicated, and proactive, Personal Manager.

“The world has been difficult to navigate over the past year,” explains Knightsbridge Circle founder Stuart McNeill, “and HNWIs are in search of a concierge service with one point of contact who can cater to all their needs, both personal and professional, as well as saving them valuable time.

“As the world starts to open up again many clients are looking to resume their usual lifestyle after a year of lockdown, however demand for travel and international events is higher than ever before. We began to see an increase in enquiries from affluent clients who are looking for a more tailored and dedicated one-to-one approach, so we decided to introduce our Elite membership, to offer them the next level of unlimited access to our network of contacts.”

Doors that appear closed can be opened, whatever the size of the request, be it the afore mentioned Super Bowl tickets, the Monaco Grand Prix, lunch with the Pope – seriously, their words, not ours – or securing a room at the latest, smallest boutique hotel. Should you need them to, your Personal Manager can even accompany you. There’s personal management and there’s personal management… Further details, as ever, can be found at their website.