Seasonal affective disorder is absolutely, definitely a thing. But there is a silver lining lodged in the icy grey clouds that are descending upon us. As the winter nights draw in, Bentley has unwrapped its new collection in time for Christmas. Presenting a selection of desirable and hand crafted gifts – including the timeless Bentley boys and girls range and some newly introduced racing inspired pieces – Bentley has thought of everything for those who deserve a touch of triumph under the tree this year.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Bentley’s victory at the Le Mans 24-hour race, an assortment of beautifully crafted items reflecting a heritage of speed, endurance and true team spirit have been created. From the retro leather weekend bags through to a remote control Bentley Continental Supersports and a distinctive set of espresso cups, the gifts reflect the Bentley ethos of building bespoke and hand-crafted pieces.

One of the newest additions arrives in the entertaining form of a Geoffrey Parker Games backgammon set which draws on 50 years of hand craftsmanship. And that’s not all – from the hand-bound leather casing to the subtle Bentley wings on each knurled checker, absolutely every detail can be customised to match the specification of the customer’s beloved Bentley.

There’s an enchanting assortment of Bentley boys and girls items. Young driving enthusiasts can begin their journey behind the wheel early with the 1:12 scale model remote control Bentley Continental Supersports. Just like the real thing (although not quite reaching the 204mph top speed) it’s a driving experience that will be sure to deliver excitement to the lucky recipient.

Lindsay Weaver, Director of Licencing and Branded Goods at Bentley Motors, comments, “The spirit of Bentley can be captured and wrapped this Christmas. From the smallest, most thoughtful gifts to the majestic, unique statement pieces, the latest collection enables Bentley to take pride of place not only on the driveway but under the Christmas tree too.”

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