The Germans have decided being brilliant at car design is not enough. Now you have to help them.

Not to be outdone, Brabus, the super retuners to Mercedes, Maybach, and, er, the Smart Car, have got in on the sci-fi act. Available on their company website, the snazzy new Car Configurator allows you to build your own dream car, videogame style. Customise your vehicle technically, selecting from various aerodynamic components, engine tuning, wheel selection, etc. Just as importantly, pick and choose from a whole host of bespoke interior design features. In addition to endless viewpoints of the object of desire, a model-specific overview of the available customisation components is offered. When content with your creation, your design can be sent directly to the car elves at Brabus who will (having probably waited for a suitably large downpayment) make the thing for you. Happy imagineering.