It’s official, Bond is back and he’ll be chasing down villains in a brand new ride, a specially designed Aston Martin DB10. You can stop pondering those Fiat 500 rumours now.

Cast members gathered at Pinewood Studios yesterday for the big reveal. While Director Sam Mendes was disclosing the 24th Bond movie’s title (Spectre – which stands for “Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”), the spy’s new supercar was simultaneously being unmasked on the 007 stage.

Aston Martin has an illustrious 50-year history with Bond, with their vehicles appearing in no less than 11 of the films. Specially designed for the job, the DB10 has interestingly been built around Aston’s V8 Vantage, not their DB9, so it’s a 2-seater with a 4.7-litre eight-cylinder beneath that svelte bonnet.

Daniel Craig will once again be pulling on a selection of dangerously well-fitting garments while battling a new Evil Mastermind and throwing out some smooth one-liners (there’s always time for a witty quip, no matter how precarious the situation) and seducing more staggeringly beautiful woman, all in the name of Her Majesty and her not-so-Secret Service.

Chances are he’ll also be irritating his boss and coming across as somewhat of a know-it-all, but that will be tolerated as he has saved the world on several occasions.

Only ten production examples of the DB10 are to be built, each made to “bespoke” specifications (Aston wouldn’t reveal all the gadgety stuff). Troublingly, the cars won’t find their way into private hands because it’s fully expected that all the cars will be destroyed by the Bond stunt-driving team. Which makes us want one even more, damn them.

We’ll be able to see the new DB10 swerving countless baddies in Spectre when it debuts on November 6, 2015. And the Fiat 500? Yeah, that’ll make an appearance too.