Introducing the Willys AW380 Berlineta, a reworked version of the Alpine A108, the Brazilian sports car that racked up an impressive run of racing wins in the Sixties. And it’s not even a concept car, this is a reality. Around €380,000 of reality, in fact.


About 50 years ago, Willys-Overland built 822 units of a model called Interlagos and thereby created the first Brazilian-made sports car. (Yes, it’s the very same Willys that created the iconic WWII Jeep Trucks.) There began a successful racing career for the rear-engined coupé: champions such as the Fittipaldi brothers, Luis Pereira Bruno and Bird Clemente all clocked podium time after a turn behind the wheel of one of the cars.

Now, the Italians have got their hands on it, and this is the strangely attractive outcome. Penned by designer Emanuele Bomboi then breathed life into by Maggiora and Carrozzeria Viotti, the AW380 Berlineta re-make was unwrapped on Friday at the Bologna Motor Show, where it will continue to attract attention until 14 December.

Powered by a 3.8-litre, six-cylinder bi turbo that promises 610HP and a sprint from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 2.5 seconds, top speed is expected to be around 340km/h.

A limited run of 110 for those ready to pay the starting price of €380,000 ($467,000), will begin in January. Rumour has it the first one has already been sold to a wealthy Russian buyer, and the Balkans and the UAE are set to distribute it.