There’s been much speculation from the car world that Molsheim-based Bugatti would be releasing a four door supercar to sit proudly alongside the Veyron. Most people expected a slight drop in top speed, but even more luxury and obviously an extra couple of seats in the back. Bugatti haven’t disappointed and the Galibier is the result.

Bugatti showed the car to current and potential customers just ahead of the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. The name Galibier not only comes from a difficult Alpine pass along the Tour de France, but it is also the name of the classic four door Type 57.

It’s looking like the car will hit around 217 miles per hour. This may seem slow compared to the Veyron, but it’s still in Enzo and Carrera GT territory! This will quickly become the ultimate car for cross-country jaunts.

The car shares the Veyron’s signature two-tone colour scheme with carbon fibre playing a big part in the construction. The centre spine is also a Bugatti trait, leading back to the Type 35 and Type 57 cars of the past.

The Veyron’s engine moves over to the Galibier but is mounted in front of the passenger cell. It would be unwise to assume Bugatti would de-tune it, rather the heavier weight of the car will be the reason for the drop in top speed.

The car seems to split opinion initially, but a recent poll in the LUSSO office found most people loved it and it was growing by the hour. There are bound to be a number of clever designs, such as the engine bonnet that pivots from the centre in two parts.