Every self-respecting man should have a pair of ostrich slippers in his wardrobe, surely. Useful for an impromptu visit from a sartorially savvy guest maybe? Or even just decadently lounging in your own living room, safe in the knowledge that you literally exude style even when there’s no one around to witness it.

One person who fully appreciates the pleasure of owning a range of beautifully crafted footwear, is new-kid-on-the-block designer, Jarrod Grossberg. Indeed, he owns over 400 pairs – from sneakers to loafers to boots, traditional to high fashion.

“Other people buy art,” he says. “I buy shoes. And that’s even if I can’t wear them or they don’t even fit. I just love them as objects. I have a whole room devoted to them, laid out on shelves. That sounds extravagant, but for me going in there is like visiting a gallery. It’s a pleasure. Of course, my friends and family all think I’m mad.”

But there is method in the madness. That being the recent launch of his own collection, Dorraj, a prestige line of Italian-made, hand-crafted slippers and shoes – its signature being the best exotic skins and simple, comfortable styles. Dorraj reinterprets the sophistication and old-world glamour of the pre-war French Riviera into strictly limited runs of styles that can easily be dressed up or down; be that with bespoke tailoring or just an old pair of jeans.

We suspect that a successful future lies ahead for his fledgling brand. We also feel a pang of gratitude to the ostrich population because if it wasn’t for those gangly flightless giants of the avian world, you wouldn’t be able to get your hands (and feet) on footwear as handsome as this.

Find out more at www.dorraj.com, or info@dorraj.com.