Caroline Phillips unearths the 20 people who really matter to the people who really matter. Who celebrities, those in the know and the ultra wealthy have on speed dial…

Extracting secrets about services used by the ultra wealthy is like pulling teeth – although the latter will be easy now with the cosmetic dentistry clinic recommendation below. So how has journalist Caroline Phillips managed to compile a Secret Address Book of the country’s 20 leading practitioners in the arts of everything from hair colouring to curtain cleaning? High net worths, slebs and the people who really matter guard these inside track contacts zealously. So it’s tough to discover how these individuals get massaged to perfection or travel with ease and the best suitcases. Finding out exactly where an oligarch gets the best late night takeaway/gets rid of nose hair or who helps a leading fashionista choose her clothes is a tricky assignment. No emails were intercepted and no WikiLeaks relied upon to get this Secret Address Book – yet still the intrepid Ms Phillips cracked it and found contacts for you to get your eyebrows brilliantly shaped and have your designer clothes cleaned to perfection, and even a hidden destination where the Bond Street designer stores get their shoes mended. And there are brilliant beauty secrets from people whose world is their oyster – and who love hairdressers more than life itself. The entries do not run in order of importance – they’re all excellent. And, best of all, these contacts have all passed the quality control of one of the world’s most stylish, finger-on-the-pulse women – the Look Doctor, Annabel Hodin. Enjoy!


1) Annabel Hodin – the Look Doctor, various locations
2) Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith – dentist, The London Smile Clinic
3) Holly Pannett – personal trainer, different locations
4) Daniel Galvin Jr – the hairdresser, Daniel Galvin Jr
5) Vaishaly – the facialist, Vaishaly Clinic
6) Carl Dawson – the hairdresser, Rossano Ferretti’s Hairspa
7) Joanne Evans – anti-ageing guru, Royal Garden Hotel Medical Rooms
8) Monika Skrzydlewska – masseur, Grace Belgravia
9) Sophie Thorpe and Andrea Grollet – eyebrows, SW3
10) Katie Rusaka – makeup and Sue Marsh – eyelashes, Cosmetics a la Carte
11) James Pryce – hairdresser, Josh Wood’s Holland Park Atelier
12) Dry cleaning – Buckingham Dry Cleaners
13) Leather repairs – Classic Shoe Repairs
14) John Frederick Ltd – carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning and carpet/curtain/blind supply/fitting
15) Achillea Flowers – florist
16) Luggage – Tegra-Lite by Tumi
17) The Baggageman – for sending your luggage ahead
18) Home-delivered food – Holy Cow
19) Drink – Gusto
20) Prince Charles – the Highgrove hedgehog house



She’s the premier league Look Doctor. There’s (almost) nothing that Annabel Hodin doesn’t know about clothes and how to make people look better than their best. She’s one of the country’s leading stylists and works for the glossier glossies and television – making everyone from Helena Bonham Carter to Mick Jagger look fantabulous, and also tending the sartorial requirements of a raft of off-duty slebs. But she also does ‘ordinary’ folk – for which read everyone from City whizzes to Primrose Hill babes – helping them dress better than anyone they know. She’s clever (North London Collegiate then English at King’s College, London), perceptive (school of life) and knows what works for her clients psychologically and physically – whether recommending dressmakers (to tweak that garment to perfection) or where to get your man bag strap taken up a centimetre for yet more visual excellence. (She’s got such a good eye that if she mentions anything from an artist’s work to a hedgehog house en passant, you should probably buy it.) She’s as plugged into Selfridges as the high street – and finds you lasting investments as well as the chiconomies of life. The best for going through your wardrobe, slimming it down and freshening it up. A former model, her own makeup is subtle and her clothes sophisticated (whether she’s garbed in Zara or Dior.) Mistress of the Wardrobe indeed. (See the article Mistress of the Wardrobe here). From £350 for a wardrobe consultation.


The London Smile Clinic

Wanna smile makeover? No self-respecting red carpet type would get out of bed without a set of perfect, pearly whites. Catherine Zeta Jones has veneers and Beyonce and Britney Spears have whitened their gnashers. And the A* place where this sort of thing gets sorted? The London Smile Clinic, the UK’s centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry. Think state-of–the-art facilities, the most advanced dental methods and the latest interactive computer imaging and laser techniques. Plus iPads for you to fill in your medical history, Nespresso while you wait and DVD goggles to watch in chair movies. Phew! They offer everything from gum re-shaping and white fillings to closing gaps and replacing missing teeth. The latest craze is for the Inman aligner – which straightens front teeth in as little as six weeks and is like an invisible, removable gum-shield…(perfect if you don’t like the idea of having brackets stuck to your teeth or waiting months for a clear brace to work.) It can be taken out to eat, clean your teeth and kiss. What else? Ask for Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith. Rest easy that he is the only Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the UK – the world’s leading authority. And just chill. Gwen Stefani, Anna Friel and Kelly Brook are among the celebs who’ve used cosmetic dentistry to perfect their smiles. With The London Smile Clinic, you get to join the club. /


image (1)

When they gave out DNA, some of the best went to Holly Pannett. She’s arguably the world’s top personal trainer – plus beautiful and inspiringly positive. Holly is an upbeat Kiwi who has an uncanny ability to know exactly how far she can push you – and then she motivates you to go just that teeny bit further. (No slouch herself, she’s competed nationally in dressage and volleyball and is a fearsome hockey adversary.) She’ll work out with you at home, in the park or your or her gym – using everything from top-of-the-range equipment to park benches. (She’s also a certified swimming instructor.) Exercise was never this good. But that’s not all. She’s also a nutritionist and did her post grad in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition. She’ll guide you gently to ease up on junk food, sugar and alcohol and give tips on food purchases to general well-being. But she’s not preachy. She’s a party girl who likes a good time – and will lead you to optimal health, longevity and a fabbo physique. Mantra: “The only thing you need to do is feel good now.” Holly isn’t just for Christmas. She should be on the NHS year round. Tel: 07788 487886



Hair royalty, hair-raiser – he’s been called many things. One thing’s for sure – Daniel Galvin Jr. knows how to make hair look good. The former wild child turned Prince’s Trust Ambassador produces pioneering/award-winning organic products – from his Dubble Trubble and Organic Head ranges to the just-launched Highgrove organic baby products. (£190 for a hamper of the best ever organic products to wash your Junior’s head.) More importantly, when he’s not saving us from carcinogens and other nasties in our shampoos, he knows the difference between ‘sun-kissed babe’ and ‘Baywatch’ when he wields his blonde colours in his Belgravia boutique salon. (What would you expect from a fourth generation hairdresser? His great-grandfather snipped tresses in his tail coat and his father coiffed the Beatles, Princess Di and Twiggy.) Ask for Daniel’s top-to-toe treatment – £200 and 60 minutes – in which a hairdetox masque (under a steamer), is followed by a simultaneous veg hair colour/mani/pedi, then a blow-dry with Joseph (the salon’s blue-eyed boy.) Men and women love it. While you’re in the chair, Daniel will regale you with stories of his amateur boxing career – he fought in front of a 1200-strong crowd in Bethnal Green – and how he got clean by spending weeks in a sauna in Oklahoma. You’ll also bump into Kelly Brook, Carol Vorderman and the Made In Chelsea lot in there.


vaishaly skincare

It may once have been manly to boast a rumpled face. But today’s male masters of the universe want to look fit and youthful. (‘Twas ever thus for women.) Enter Vaishaly, facialist to the stars – or, rather, superfacialist to the superstars. Elle McPherson, Nigella and Gwyneth are all regulars. So too, actor Jeremy Piven and singer Johnny Borrell. (It’s for this that the Voguettes and GQ lads have her stored in their little black iPhones.) She also sells her own super range of skincare products. On top of this – is there no stopping the girl? – she’s famed for threading and shaping eyebrows to give the effect of an instant face lift. The Skin Goddess – as she’s known – and her team are being rolled out globally through the Four Seasons hotels. (See one of her team in the Seychelles. It’s the best way to beat her three-month waiting list in London.) Hardly surprising that – like Madonna, Angelina, Brad and Sting – she is known to her fans only by her first name. She’s also reassuringly expensive – at £250 for 55 minutes. They say that money can’t buy you happiness – but when it comes to Vaishalay, it does. And radiance too.


Carl Dawson

If you want Zen and the art of  hairdressing, go to Rossano Ferretti’s Hairspa. There’s no thudding music. Even the noise of hairdryers is kept to a separate room in this 5,500 square foot four-storey, Georgian townhouse in Mayfair with just 14 hair stations. It’s molto stylish with a bespoke Faberge chandelier, doorman to sweep you upstairs and antiques. The star of the show is Rossano Ferretti – global ambassador for L’Oreal – who hit the headlines with his £1,000 haircut. (Yes, he’s worth it.) He devised and patented The Method, a unique technique for cutting hair that follows its natural movement. (Lady Gaga, Linda Evangelista and Michelle Pfeiffer have fallen under his spell.) Colourist Carl Dawson (he’s seen Kate Moss to Sienna Miller and Gwyneth) creates wonders with his palette and makes a dynamic duo with Alessandro Calvio – the latter doing The Method haircut. (‘He makes my colours bang,’ divulges Carl). Or get snipped by Pol Garcia, an elegant Edward Scissorhands who has been spied cutting the locks of Pippa Middleton. When a salon gets whispered about in reverential tones as a, ‘luxurious lifestyle hairspa,’ by the fashionistas, you know there’s something seriously cool afoot. It’s a great place and a top team. A hair temple, really.


Skin Mattters Facial Treatment image

Have you got a six-pack that looks more like a tropical forest than Tarzan’s smooth chest? Or, yeuch, nose hair? All the fellahs in the know are turning to former nurse Joanne Evans, the Queen of Hair – hair removal, that is. She has more qualifications than a professor, CIBTEC, BTEC, NVQ 3-4, IHBC, IIHHT, IIST, BABTAC – and works her laser magic on the boys with Ferraris and the silicone babes. She does his hairy back to toes, and deals with all her hirsute matters. Then when you’re through with that, sign her up to make you young(er). She’s battles ageing with nutrition to hormones and cosmetic procedures – and is a whizz at rejuvenation (microneedling anyone?), vein and pigmentation removal. She’ll even fix you up with some Bro-tox (Botox for him.) Downside? She has a waiting list that runs the length of Hyde Park. (She keeps stumm that her rise began with royalty sneaking in from nearby Kensington Palace.) Top tip? If you can’t get an appointment with her, book one of her crack squad.


GB 012

For over a decade, I’ve travelled the spas of the world working hard at refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating myself. On behalf of readers. Getting de-stressed, trying boot camps and being pampered – for you. So to say that a Grace Signature Massage with Monika Skrzydlewska at the exclusive private members’ club, Grace Belgravia is one of the best I’ve ever had, is quite something. The Grace philosophy embraces the idea of wellness and wholeness, offering ‘inside out’ beauty with integrated medical/spa treatments. As for the massage, it’s Monika’s belief that our cells retain all our memories – and it’s through the body that we release issues we’ve been repressing mentally. The massage is the first step in self-healing. Even if that’s not your bag, Monika works in a beautifully fluid way: amalgamating different techniques, using soft and strong movements, and an unexpected blend of fast, slow and sometimes no motion. Often it feels as if you’re being massaged by more than one person. Bliss indeed. Grace Belgravia also hold lectures, fashion shows and art exhibitions and have a swish concierge service and an outlet of Brown’s. Any downsides? Well, yes. If you’re a bloke, the 11,500 sq ft club is not for you. It’s for women only, except in its medical centre and the restaurant from 6.30pm and Sunday brunch.



Sophie Thorpe is London’s Empress of Eyebrows. (Nigella calls her The Eyebrow Master). The Empress/Master looks after the brows of many of the slebs and high net worths from her white-on-white studio near Beauchamp Place and her brow grooming and semi-permanent makeup are the best. Get your brows done by Sophie – or her right hand lady Andrea Grollet – and you’ll get an arch more perfect than the Arc de Triomphe and it’ll take years off the way you look. If you’ve ever over-plucked your eyebrows, have badly shaped brows or ones with no natural arch, she’s your lady. Using a fine needle, the semi-permanent mineral pigment is tattooed hair by hair onto the skin using feathery strokes. Between two and four weeks after the treatment, you have a top-up appointment to ensure that the results are whizzo. Your new eyebrows usually last between one and two years, depending on skin type and age. And you’ll look more Nigella than Joan Crawford. More George Clooney than George Michael. /



Who created a face base for Tommy Steele, black powder for Grace Jones and makeup for Madonna’s World Tours? Oh, and you might find Bono in the shop. Clue: it’s where U2 were when a certain British princess popped in to get her lip gloss. Another clue: they’ve recently celebrated 40 years with the grooviest of Hoxton parties. Oh, and they make bubblegum lip lacquer and Brow Ink. Yes, it’s Cosmetics a la Carte (CALC to aficionados). CALC offer customers personalised make-up – bespoke lippie and shadows too – and Katie Rusaka gives excellent make-up lessons. (No hard sell – she’s truly working to help you with what suits you.) They created a blue pink lippie for Greta Garbo and Biba (Barbara Hulanicki) went for gold – a pale custard foundation in preference  to her own make. The shop is an Aladdin’s cave and you can spend hours there poring over the colours. Take your makeup bag in there, let them sort through it and come out with something altogether better.

EYELASHES (PART 2): Giraffe’s lashes. Isn’t that what any self-respecting man or woman wants? If you need someone to supersize your eyelashes, look no further than CALC’s eyelash supremo Sue Marsh. She’ll extend them or give men and women that Bambi look by tinting the lashes. She’ll even use a lift perming technique to curl ’em. Or remove them. She’s the slebs’ couture lash therapist of choice.  


Atelier 7

There’s neon art, a living wall, and hall of mirrors at Josh Wood’s Holland Park Atelier. A former recording studios with an industrial vibe, the unisex salon is hidden discreetly behind hard-to-find black doors in a Holland Park mews. It’s here that you’ll (sometimes) find Josh Wood, dubbed ‘the world’s most powerful hairdresser.’ (Rumour has it that he does the colour for Putin.) He’s also the world’s busiest hairdresser. So bag Leanne Galvin for your colour and Sherwyn for an orgasmic shampoo/head massage. And then get snipped by James Pryce – who did Kate Middleton’s locks for that wedding. Buzzy atmosphere with Notting Hill yummy mummies and entrepreneurial fellahs – film directors and the like. And the acoustics are such that you get to earwig on polylingual staff nattering in foreign tongues to their international clientele. It also boasts the best anti-salon grub – from porridge with goji berries to superfood salads and seared tuna. (The chef, Charlton, has catered for Rolls Royce and Burberry.) Before you leave, pick up something from the great selection of unusual, niche products – from artisan produced Moroccan Argan oil to Ila. Hardly surprising the atelier has a cult following.



Two words. Premier service. This is Buckingham Dry Cleaners, the Mayfair dry cleaners and launderers of distinction. It’s owned and run by husband and wife team,  Stella and Alan Buckland. Stella knows her McQueens from her McCartneys standing on her head – and treats every garment tenderly. And Alan is a genius when it comes to the techie side of the business, which they founded in 1984. (No wonder they’re recommended by Burberry, Lanvin and Brown’s. Plus VIPs staying at  the Ritz to the Connaught use them.) Everything is dry cleaned on site, hand-finished and passed through quality control that’s tighter than Heaven’s gates. You can collect garments the same day, even just two hours later. (They even managed that for the bride who turned up at Claridge’s and discovered her elaborate wedding dress was stained.) Or they’ll deliver and collect free of charge six days a week, even at anti-social hours by appointment. (Theirs is the white Citroen emblazoned with a red and black guardsman you see beetling around.) They also offer an express tailoring service – for sewing on a button to altering a suit. Clients send their cleaning from all over the world, including from India and the USA. Sought after by those with air-conditioned cupboards – for storing their vintage Balenciagas and red carpet numbers – and Russians  who spend £3000 a month. But perfect also for those with grubby Zara city shirts. From £5.50 for a laundered shirt to £300 for a beaded gown.  


Photo of Classic Shoe Repairs Shop

Repairs, repairs! When you buy expensive shoes or handbags, don’t ever take them back to the shop where you bought them, if they need fixing. Most of the top London boutiques – from Hermes and Dior to Louis Vuitton – send their repairs to Classic Shoe Repairs in Islington. It’s where celebrities also take their soles – often following up with a thank-you photograph of themselves. Nicky Clarke is frequently in there. So too Jon Snow. And Geri Halliwell once sent in her Louboutins after they’d been chewed by her dog. (£150 for reconstructive surgery after the moggie fest – cheaper than a new pair.) Classic Shoe Repairs have the finest of craftsmen on site – people who will do (almost) anything with leather. Want those boots made shorter? Those shoes made longer? Or to mend that leather strap? (They also sell Stenmar men’s shoes, £300.) It’s a family run business, established 1963. You’ll often be served by the genius of the leather world, Mister Michael – as father Michael is known respectfully to his clients – or his two charming sons, Costas and Chris. They’re securing an international reputation and get 100 parcels a week from far and wide – Jimmy Choo repairs from one customer in Rome and Chanel offerings from Germany. And they haven’t yet even started their on-line service. Re-heeling begins at £7.95 for ladies’ stilettos and men’s from £12.95 (for a rubber heel.)



They’ve done jobs in Downing Street and for pop royalty  – cleaning carpets, curtains and upholstery. Plus they supply and fit drapes, carpets, and blinds – both traditional and contemporary. They’ve been working under the radar since 1928 – purely by word of mouth. (And what mouths! The late Queen Mum’s was one of them.) Welcome to John Frederick Ltd. They’re a cheery band of two North London brothers (who own the business), one son plus six staff. Uniquely if clients want their curtains and antique Persian silk rug resurrected and spots taken off the furniture fabric, John Frederick Ltd offer a one –stop shop. (“Paint on the blinds? Tar on the stairs? No problem,” they say.) They do carpet and upholstery cleaning on-site and spirit away the rest for customised cleaning. (“Nobody can clean curtains properly in situ,” confides Wayne Church, one of the owners.) Luckily they have their own dry cleaning factory nanoseconds from the Collindale Newspaper Library and RAF Museum, and may be more important to the nation than both. Repairs and restoration works are their forte too – from complete re-makes to re-lining. Prices start at £2.85 for a sq metre (carpet cleaning) to £7.35 per sq metre to revitalise your curtains and £1000 a sq metre for their  hand-woven, Thai silk carpet.  



Get bunched by Kate and Clare at Achillea Flowers. Formerly at Scarlet & Violet florists, Clare – daughter of former England cricketer John Emburey – has now, ahem, branched out. She and erstwhile landscape designer Kate make loose, rural arrangements that look like the prettiest country lanes and cottage gardens. Then they pop them into jam jars or quirkier receptacles and urns. (They’ve got magpies’ eyes for vintage trinkets and for charity stall treasures for putting flowers in.) Tucked away in Mill Lane, West Hampstead, their corner shop is filled with beautiful, fresh and seasonal fleurs. And passion. Definitely a blooming talent.


28129 T Graphiite Tegra Lite Extended Trip Packing Case

Two men can jump on it (we tried it), and you can drop it from the top of the stairs without damaging it (yep, tried that too.) And although it looks as if it’s made of metal, Tumi’s new Tegra-Lite is in fact the world’s strongest piece of super-lightweight luggage. It’s fashioned from a revolutionary new fabric called Tegris, used in the army’s body armour and NASCAR racing cars. Tegris is – listen up – a featherweight polypropylene thermoplastic composite which provides up to 15 times the resistance of typical thermoplastics. But that’s not all. This dream suitcase is also intelligently organised inside, offers the ultimate in manoeuvrability and has a TSA combination lock that keeps the nimble-fingered out (but that airport officials can open with a master key). Plus its handle is made from aircraft grade aluminium – just try bending that. Finally, it’s got a metal plate with a bar code and a unique tracing system, to help reunite you with your luggage if it’s lost – all you have to do is call a free-phone number. No wonder Tumi fans include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt to Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Liz Hurley. It’s stylish, indestructible. And clearly going to last so long that – when the time comes – I’ve made arrangements to be buried in it.

PS Oh, and for even more suitcase-upmanship Tumi’s Ticon collection incorporates an ID-Lock which prevents e-pickpocketing aka  radio frequency identification (RFID) hacking – that’s when criminals skim private information like credit card numbers from travellers on crowded tubes, trains, airports etc. using RDIF technology, to commit identity fraud…. So bag that Ticon international zipper carry on now.

For more about Tumi, visit – – Continental 2 Wheeled Carry-On, £595, International Carry-On, £595, Medium Trip Packing Case, £795, Large Trip Packing Case, £845, Extended Trip Packing Case, £895, Worldwide Trip Packing Case, £995. In toffee stripe, white, carbon, indigo, graphite and Bordeaux. 


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 20.46.08

If you’re driving a snazzy Jaguar F-type – with only room for a small overnight bag and a magnum of bubbly in the boot – or you want to saunter past the travellers waiting by the airport luggage carousel and also want bragging rights when they arrive sweaty and lugging their suitcases.…then The Baggageman is for you. They collect your luggage from you from (almost) anywhere in the world and deliver it to your destination before you arrive. When it’s time to return home, you swan off leaving your suitcases behind – and they’re delivered chez vous within five days. The Baggageman transport your luggage by road and air, even delivering to cruise ports. On booking, they take your travel details/payment and offer a morning or afternoon pickup. You’re allowed (roughly) 20kg per case, unless you’re going to the Antarctic for a year. They fill out all HM customs forms – so no food, hair tongs or elephants. Since they started in 2009, they’ve transported 4,700 cases, 500 sets of golf clubs and 600 skis, plus mountain bikes and wheelchairs. One lady spent £4000 for her Seaborne cruise, taking all her shoes. Some transport their own bottled water. Perfect for those with young families, the old, sporty and wealthy. Plus it operates 24/7. Conclusion? Excellent customer service and punctuality. Starts from £89 return (for a suitcase to the Dordogne, including insurance.)


photo (10)

When you’re having your wardrobe edited, or you’re out shopping and too busy to cook, what do you do? Order in. Ask around for who delivers the best takeaways, and there’s consensus among those with personal chefs, off-shore accounts and taste…. Holy Cow. Ah! Holy Cow’s award-winning, Indian food….that’s everyone’s favourite. It’s the home-delivery service used by high net worths who used to order curry back on private jets from Kolkata.  It’s home cooked, fresh, refined and reasonable – and everything’s whipped up from scratch when it’s ordered. It’s also authentic – with mwah piquant herbs and spices. They don’t use any ready-made packets of spices or pastes. Nor even microwaves. They’ll even create bespoke dishes for you. And deliver on time and with traditional Indian courtesy. They say it’s fit for a Maharajah. But perfect for Maharanis too. And it’ll  get you hooked for several lifetimes… Free delivery on orders over £10.


004 gusto range copy

Your first Gusto may be free – but its turns out to be the most expensive drink of your life! Once you’ve had it, you’re addicted. Their Organic Sparkling Orange, Kola and Lemon are from family recipes, artisan produced and sweetened with fair trade apple juice. (No chemicals, additives, sugar or caffeine.) The Orange is particularly ace. Its kick comes from a pinch of Amazon Guarana blended with botanicals. Real kerpow! £1.99 a bottle and they deliver.



Highgrove Estate. Don’t muddle this with Duchy Originals. These are beautiful gifts that HRH has personally selected. Anyone for the bespoke, Highgrove blue Hen House with adjustable perches? Or a cedar Hedgehog House? The latter a snip at £90. Ah! You want the tall flask with nip cups and their Laphroaig Whisky, right?

Caroline Phillips ( is an award-winning journalist who has written for the Financial Times, Sunday Times, The Times, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail and Evening Standard.  Additionally, she has been published in a variety of magazines, from the colour supplements to Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair. She is a consultant for Globalista – website for the discerning traveller – and contributing editor of Country & Town House and of Spear’s. She has also co-edited the Spear’s Spa Guide.