Eleven layers of full racing carbon, all hand-made.

The Arai RX-7 RC must be one of the most special helmets ever offered to the motorcycling world. That’s because it can take up to five years for Arai experts to earn the right to create an Arai shell – and only two Arai workers currently have the credentials to make them.

Not only is the RX-7 RC by far the lightest Snell-M2010-approved helmet on the market, but the technology of the new RX-7 RC is based on that of the GP-6 RC car racing helmet which was developed for F1 use. The outer shell is a stiff and light carbon fibre reinforced with a peripherally belted construction – and SNC technology reduces shell weight, while providing a lower centre of gravity, which means better balance and reduced rider fatigue.

The helmet’s patented Air Wing is MotoGP tested and reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting, which means more comfort and extra high-speed. It also improves stability of the helmet at high speeds or when braking hard and reduces noise. Adjustable in five different angles of attack positions.

Only 300 RX-7 RC’s are made every year. Check www.araihelmet.com for more information.