A perfectly restful refuge for the hairy man travelling at 300 kph.

A lady acquaintance of mine recently complained that the cost of her feminine razors had shot up in recent months. She put this down to the brutes at Gillette and Wilkinson Sword having to offset losses caused by the current beard trend. Being gallant, I didn’t joke that she should stop trying to beat ‘em and just join ‘em.

Whether the facial foliage fashion is causing pain in the world of commercial blades, it certainly isn’t harming the fortunes of London’s burgeoning upmarket barbers.

The increased custom for masculine pampering is no doubt linked to the interest in vintage style and manicuring. However, we chaps certainly deserve some ‘me’ time, regardless of our stylistic references or beard lengths.

The traditional preserve of classic establishments like the beloved Geo. F Trumper, the full service barber business is now being joined by a new generation of old meets new names, keen to draw a younger, more mobile crowd. Notable amongst them is Gentlemen’s Tonic, whose HQ is deep in Trumper’s Mayfair territory. Offering a holistic make over for the man under duress – from reiki, reflexology and a smorgasbord of massage options to self-image sessions that actually groom the soul – they aim to send any man of action back into the world a far shinier being than when he schlumped in. Now, one can incorporate a GT pitstop into a European train excursion, thanks to their new branch at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. With a view looking out over the stunning Eurostar terminus, barbers Clayton and Cara offer grooming and products that will revive and preen you and make sure ‘all aboard’ is an invitation to more than your fellow passengers.

Gentleman’s Tonic Express, St Pancras. For more information visit www.gentlemenstonic.com.