See the former. Pack the latter.

There are many reasons to visit New York and, at last count, at least two of them are called Katz.

For gargantuan sandwiches, recreations of famous scenes from When Harry Met Sally, or the sending of salami to your boy in the army, you want the deli.

For a retrospective of figurative painting fusing the energy of Abstract Expressionist canvases with the American vernaculars of the magazine, billboard, and movie screen, you want Alex Katz.

And man, if we had a dollar for every time we’d mixed those up… Cor, what are we like, eh?

Brooklyn-born Katz is the subject of a much-lauded retrospective at the Guggenheim right now – running until February 2023 – but New York also has a rather lesser known collection of Alex Katz’s artwork you can enjoy.

Remarkably, The Langham, New York is home to one of the best small collections of Alex Katz originals in the world, with 10 original pieces which hang in public spaces, plus some 200 reprints, many of which were reprinted especially for the hotel by Katz himself.

You could, of course, just dip into the hotel (you’ll find it at 400 Fifth Avenue) or you could, of course, book a room and theme your entire stay. We’d suggest the latter so this link might help…