House of Hazelwood unveils its second release of exceptionally rare whiskies

 After – somewhat inevitably – selling out of their inaugural ‘First Drop’ release, House of Hazelwood has revealed its Autumn Collection of eight more rare and old whiskies, selected from the private collection of the Gordon family.

The eight come from two ranges: The Charles Gordon Collection and The Legacy Collection, with bottles ranging from The Lowlander, which brings together mature spirit from a number of Lowland distilleries at £950 a bottle, to 74 bottles of “A Singular Blend”, which contains spirit from 1963 from a single Highland distillery, and carries a price of £4,900 per bottle – the first time a whisky of such provenance has been offered for sale at this age.

According to whisky expert Charles Maclean, the collection is made up of “tremendous whiskies – greatly aged, complex, outstanding on the palate. However, what really sets them apart are the stories behind them. Every bottle is an invitation into the Gordon family’s ways of working – a very personal connection to a different era, a different mindset. We should be in no doubt that these whiskies are heirlooms.”

 The House of Hazelwood Autumn Collection is available exclusively for pre-order from