With the P400e, Range Rover add more ecological sensitivity to their range of options…

In the spirit of integrity and full disclosure, let me get this out of the way: I own a Range Rover. Before that, I owned an older Range Rover. And I firmly believe that you should all own a Range Rover. Sure, have something fun like a Ferrari for those other occasions, but have a Range Rover for everything else, like shopping, dropping the kids at school, exploring the country estate and, probably, taking the failed bits of Ferrari to the garage for repair.

For this new model, the biggest change is that “e” after the 400. Yes, indeed, this Range Rover is a hybrid although I doubt buying one will get you on Greta Thunberg’s Christmas card list. However you look at it, this is a Range Rover and, as such, a beast of a motor. Sure, this particular hybrid model is only a two litre engine, rather than a four litre diesel, but it’s still not enough to save the bees or stop California falling into the ocean. That “e” though does add a certain smugness to the experience and improve your kudos rating when you turn up at the school.

Inside, things are much the same as my existing Range Rover, with perhaps a little more comfort and, more importantly, a much improved tech interface that makes the menus usable and useful rather than frustrating and utterly pointless.

Performance wise… who cares? No, really, who cares? The 0-62mph thing is, apparently, six seconds but there’s never any need to test that, unless you’re a cock. If you’re driving around town, you’ll be on the phone / shouting at the kids / reaching for your coffee so won’t be at full speed. If you’re not doing any of the above, these things are beasts so you won’t be at full speed on narrow roads. And if you’re on the motorway, happily cruising along, you won’t need to accelerate that dramatically, as anybody seeing a Range Rover coming up behind them tends to shit a brick and change lanes anyway.

In short, if you’ve got a Range Rover: a) well done, and; b) you don’t need a second one. If you haven’t got A Range Rover, though: a) why the hell not? and b) the 400e is a decent place to start.

Range Rover P400e is priced from £90,580. For more details on the Range Rover PHEV range, visit the website.