With an average price of $4,042, the Super Bowl XLVIII tickets are the most expensive they’ve been for six years. It’s shaping up to be a good one. Will Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning destroy the formidable Seahawks defence? Will New Jersey shut down George Washington Bridge in a fit of ‘what exit’ rage? Will it SNOW? So many questions remain unanswered. If, like us, you don’t have a MetLife ticket going spare and you’re stuck in Blighty on Sunday, then we’ve found the next-best viewing option: head to the London’s Playboy Club to catch all the action streamed live, valet Bunnies on-hand.

Playboy Superbowl Party

The iconic bar will be serving a hearty American-style bounty of food (wings, fries and burgers from the Iron Chef’s American kitchen), while the starred and striped bunnies bring you an ice-cold beer in time for kick-off. Not to be missed.

Sunday 2nd February, 10.30pm. Open to Members and non-members. £55 per ticket (Members free when bringing three guests). Ticket includes guaranteed seats / tables, all American entertainment, selection of food and a welcome beer. Limited to 100 guests, to make a booking please email events@playboyclublondon.com or call +44(0)203 355 7554

See more at: playboyclublondon.com/events.