* Sorry. London’s best fish restaurant (sorry Scotts) goes into print.

Ask most famous actors, artists and film makers what their favourite restaurant is in London and they’ll near to a man, woman and Tracey Emin say Sheekey’s. Maybe it’s the mirrored glass that faces a quiet passage off Charing Cross Road, affording no gawping by the plebs… sorry, public. Or perhaps the fact that it essentially serves healthy seafood, over nawty, inches-on-the-sleek-jawline red meat. It’s certainly run as a very smooth machine and has been for over a century. Since the 1890’s, J Sheekey has been providing the finest fish, shellfish and oysters, all kicked off when Josef Sheekey was granted permission by Lord Salisbury to serve fish in St Martin’s Court. Today, over a century later, the restaurant retains a late-Victorian charm.

For the first time since opening, way back when, the restaurant is releasing its secrets in the aptly titled cookbook, J Sheekey Fish, courtesy of Chef Director of Caprice Holdings, Tim Hughes. Sharing the secrets to cooking seafood, the book has chapters on starters, sides, savouries, puddings and what to drink with fish. Most practical reading. Amongst the 100 plus recipes is J Sheekey’s famously sublime fish pie, as well as slip soles with spiced winkle butter. Oo-err!

Alongside the recipes are beautiful images by Howard Sooley, whose work is held by the Tate and London’s Garden Museum.