While some yachts may pack all the toys, bells and whistles, not all of them are so aesthetically and sensually pleasing as the Domino 86. All aboard.

You could say that Riva reached its zenith in the 1960s. But the Italian boatbuilder has continued to astound us all with their flowing mahogany creations, right up until the present day.

It’s true that the love affair between these iconic boats and the glitterati blossomed throughout ‘la dolce vita’ period in post-war Europe. As the Italians gravitated to Saint-Tropez, the name Riva became a perpetual mainstay on the party circuit among the stars and sophisticates who were hitting the nightclubs of Southern France. But building on its heritage, Riva has gone on convincing us of its credentials, and the new Riva Domino 86 – a steel and fibreglass beauty – is all the proof we need.

Inside, she looks neat and precise: elm and gray-lacquered European oak are offset with stitched-leather detailing and hard, futuristic framing in stainless steel. Light floods in from all sides through acres of tinted glass. The spacious upper saloon is fitted with pure white leather sofas and a solid teak table. At one end there’s a TV with a 65-inch screen that handily doubles up as a mirror.

If you intend to be a Riva owner then you’ll probably want to know about the owner’s suite, which is amidships and behind huge hull windows. It makes for a great retreat from all that sun-induced madness, with atmospheric views out to sea. There are comfy, shaded seating areas on the foredeck and in the cockpit, while the upper helm station guarantees a secluded spot to catch some rays.

The 26-metre coupe yacht displaces a mighty 63 tons but she still has to justify those dashing looks out on the water. Luckily, the Domino is also very fast. With two powerful V16 engines, you’ll be helming nearly 5,000 horsepower. And because the Riva brand is as much about tradition as it is about beauty and performance, she has proper shafts and rudders, so you won’t find any difficult-to-maintain surface drives tacked on. Not just quick, the Domino 86 delivers on beauty, style and engineering prowess, too. Floating perfection guaranteed.

Riva is part of the Ferretti Group. Visit www.riva-yacht.com for details.