There are rumours that Porsche are planning a new Supercar to succeed the incredible Carrera GT. They developed a race car called the LMP2 RS Spyder and have enjoyed success all around the world. The rumour, according to a French car magazine, is that they will develop the theories behind this car into a new road car.

The car is likely to be called the Porsche Spyder RS, but no official announcement has been made. The Carrera GT was such a superb supercar that it seems unlikely that Porsche would carry on without a successor in the near future.

The rumours follow that the new Supercar will then be the basis of an endurance racer, most likely to have the intention of winning at LeMans.

It’s looking like it was originally planned to go on sale in 2012, but this may be pushed back due to the current financial issues and problems surrounding Porsche and Volkswagon”s shares.

The new Supercar will run a twin turbo’d 3.4 litre V8 engine. Much smaller than the V10 in the Carrera GT, but power to weight will be superior, promising a very fast car.

The photo above is of the RS Spyder – the current race car.

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