When Aston Martin announced their intentions to make a four-door my heart sank, the last time something similar happened, we wound up with the Porsche Cayenne. With the Rapide, Aston Martin have gone the right way about offering a four door. That is, by keeping the bonus doors barely noticeable, and making no major alterations to their already flawless signature shape. Oh and they’ve kept the engine powerful, loud and aggressive. So far, so Aston.

In fact, one of my only criticisms of the modern Aston Martin range is that the cars are physically quite small and petite, so the extra width and length that the Rapide has taken on actually adds presence. I know, this is the sound of words being gulped.

So why is a four-door Aston Martin useful? I’ve seen, first hand, the day when a new father has to set aside the two-seater supercar for something more practical. The Rapide is, in my opinion, the perfect family car. Rear seat entertainment keeps children pacified, whilst front-seat entertainment is available in the form of a 470 horsepower, six litre V12 capable of nearly 200 miles per hour.

One of the Rapide’s strengths is also it’s only weakness. The car looks, handles and drives like the supercar it no doubt is – it’s responsive, firm, powerful and seemingly alert at all times. So whilst this makes for exhilarating driving and light work of country roads, monotonous motorway journeys can feel like a chore. The seats are firm and supportive, but after three hours straight, too much so.

The Rapide is the ultimate everyday car, it’s beautiful, practical and enjoyable. However, if you’re off on a long journey, take the country roads… or a cushion.