Chances are that if you’ve ever drunk or eaten in one of London’s restaurants or bars then its more than likely it happened in a David Collins’ creation. For not only does he count such world-renowned eateries as J Sheekey, Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley and The Wolseley amongst his ever-expanding canon, but was also responsible, back in the day, for the styling of the somewhat more humble Café Rouge restaurant chain.

Having grown up in Dublin, Collins was a bit of slow starter; he admits to having been a bit of a daydreamer and considered several careers before settling on becoming an architect. Fortunately, for all concerned, everything changed upon his arrival in London in the late 80’s. Along with his undoubted skill, timing appears to have played a large part in his heady ascent, for London itself was on the cusp of the culinary revolution that would take it from an egg and chips backwater to gastronomic  epicentre.

After Café Rouge, such legends as Nobu and the Blue Bar quickly followed, cementing Collins’ reputation as the Captial’s foremost creative brain. It’s all about imagining the best he says, being mediocre is too easy. Having just completed the far from mediocre styling on the Corinthia Hotel, check out the sumptuous oyster bar in Massimo’s, his next project is the hotly anticipated Wolseley sister restaurant in Aldwych, scheduled to open Autumn 2011. If you fancy employing the great man himself however, be warned, the waiting list extends into next year, and unless he feels both client and project are suitably inspiring, he won’t go there.

David Collins Studio