It was an era marked by excess, flamboyance and the decay of social order and the Beatles sparked a momentous upheaval in ’60s popular culture, not just with their radical new music but by shaking up the stability of male attitude and style.

Bamford Watch Department (BWD), the maker of serious boys’ toys, is about to reveal its latest limited-edition conversation starter: the Yellow Submarine. In collaboration with Apple Corps Ltd, BWD has drawn inspiration from the band’s psychedelic period, giving us two timepieces that will have any Beatles junkie and fan of their iconic ’60s styling, entirely hooked.


Framed around the legendary Rolex Datejust, these new watches show off the craftsmanship and stunning presentation inherent in Rolex design, but because it’s by Bamford, naturally it’s been pimped. Two colour options are available: the Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) comes in either black or light grey. A custom-crafted date wheel shows a unique colour for every day of the month, and the second hand has a specially built yellow submarine tip.

Playful it might be, but the durability and engineering credentials of the design are not to be taken lightly. Featuring BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) in an option of black and light grey, the watch is practically as robust as a real submarine; almost impossible to scratch and resistant to all manner of environments. Each timepiece comes complete with a bold custom-made box, including a vacuum-formed yellow submarine shell, modishly rendered all-black outer case and cool stencilled yellow submarine imagery.

The Yellow Submarine Datejust is available as part of a limited edition and can be purchased directly and exclusively from Bamford Watch Department whilst stocks last. £13,500 – limited edition.