There are many reasons to visit “The Big Sky” state. Lone Mountain Ranch is high on that list

There’s a point where any visitor to Montana stops, looks from horizon to horizon and just nods. It really is “The Big Sky” state.

Montana clearly realises this. Hell, they even named a town Big Sky, and that’s where you’ll find Lone Mountain Ranch.

While the region is celebrated for skiing, the summer months are similarly spectacular, particularly for those of us – i.e., all – who harbour some secret desires to be a cowboy.

Located between Big Sky Resort and Yellowstone Park, Lone Mountain Ranch has been a symbol of the Old West for over 100 years – from having a seat at the table for the early days of Yellowstone Park, the formation of the town of Big Sky, the evolution of ranching and logging in the Northern Rockies and the preservation of this spectacular wilderness. And, since being homesteaded in 1915, it’s been a world-renowned destination, with 30 unique rooms and cabins, and offering facilities such as fly fishing, canoeing, Yellowstone tours, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, horse riding, archery and more. So, er, yee and, indeed, hah.

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