Caviar Masterclass? Oh, if you insist…

What would you eat caviar with?

If, like us, you answered “a spoon” you probably also need this announcement.

For National Caviar Day – yes, it’s a thing, go with it – Piccadilly’s Caviar House & Prunier are offering a Caviar Masterclass. Guests will receive a guided tasting of three caviar varieties, including the newest Osciètre from the brand’s eponymous label, Prunier, alongside fine champagne, premium vodka, and canapes.

Caviar House & Prunier has long been a pioneer and leader in the world of caviar which we believe puts them in the front roe?

Yeah, alright, sorry, we’ll get our coats…

On July 18, renowned caviar experts will talk guests through the luxury product’s rich culinary history, and explore the nuances and complexity of this delicacy, learning about the different types of caviar, its harvesting and preparation methods, and the best ways to pair it with wine and other delicacies.

Happily, it’s a little more interactive than that sounds, with guests promised a “sensorial journey” topped and tailed with glasses of fizz.

Tickets cost £195 per person and can be booked directly by clicking right here.