Here’s a novel way of meeting people: You go out and, er, meet people.

We’ve all heard the nightmare dating stories. Hell, even one Lusso contributor has long argued that the thing that has kept him and his wife together is the abject fear of dating again. But really, in an age of serious technological advances, is “swiping right” really the best we can do?

Apparently not, and The Inner Circle is the app that’s proved it.  It’s an app offering (in their words) “selective dating”. The way we see it however, it’s part dating app, part social network because as well as online interaction, they facilitate actual real world  – and decidedly offline – events.

Because actually meeting people is the new meeting people.

Seasoned users of dating apps are probably now either very confused or cynically suggesting that such social events simply won’t work. The Inner Circle may claim you can “meet the most attractive and inspiring singles” but, really, what’s the likelihood?

As it happens it’s actually pretty likely.

These social events – whether cocktails in a great new bar or an extravagant party in an interesting venue – are always a sell out. Whether that leads to romance or friendship, well, there are no guarantees but The Inner Circle will at least have stacked the odds in your favour.

The Inner Circle genuinely isn’t for everyone. If you’re a fraud, catfish, or just a bad person, you won’t get in. This is thanks to a carefully executed verification process that genuinely works, meaning each new profile is manually checked by real people, weeding out the married, the creepy and the fakes, in favour of a network of like-minded people in the same stage of their lives.

The world of dating apps IS overcrowded, membership of The Inner Circle however is not. As we say it’s not for everyone but, in this instance that’s a very good thing. It’s new technology with an old school matchmaking ethos, and unlike any other dating app out there. It’s a thumbs up – or an ironic swipe right – from us.

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