Play arctic explorer while being amused by your stag’s own frozen Pole.

It’s safe to say that the majority of stag nights are no longer just ‘nights’. The occasion has become as mired in protocol and expectation as the wedding itself. Except here, there’s no excuse that the main driver of the ‘need for perfection’ has been dreaming about his special day since he was five. Any groom that has been dreaming of this day for, like, forever, doesn’t deserve any mates. Only treatment.

So – there’s the classic Las Vegas stag trip or the closer-to-home weekend of European depravity. Perhaps some local countrified debauchery and shooting, but these seem tired and done to death. If you’ve recently been honoured with the title of Best Man (yes, you really are the best available, apparently) and lumbered with the task of organising the stag do, keep reading. For a truly different experience, Last Night Of Freedom, the hen and stag specialists, offer a weekend expedition to the North Pole. Yes, you read correctly. If strippers and nightclubs covered in drool won’t cut it for your stag, perhaps helicopter rides and thermals will.

For £24,999, they invite you to “follow in the footsteps of the original arctic pioneers… just with more vodka and less frostbite”. On arrival, your guide – award-winning explorer Eric Philips – will brief you over dinner. You’ll get kitted up before flying into Barneo base camp and taking a chopper, which will drop you 5km from the Pole. Armed with just your skis and a GPS, you’ll make your way out across the snow. When you majestically arrive, you and your courageous unit of worthy men will set up camp and celebrate. You’d planned to tie your mate up to a pole and leave his tackle out? Be classy. Just give him a hug at the Pole. Anyway, the tackle probably won’t survive the exposure.