We don’t know how you’d go about opening this one. An expectant drumroll? Gilded sabre to the bottleneck, perhaps?

We don’t have a pic of the actual £1.2 million bottle, but to get an idea take your usual Goût de Diamants Brut champagne (shown above, already not exactly your everyday supermarket variety) – and then pimp it to the max using the skills of bling-bling designer Alexander Amosu. The Swarovski crystal gets substituted for a single, flawless deep-cut white diamond weighing 19 carats. The Superman-style signature logo is crafted from 18-carat solid gold.

Inside is a blend of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier that offers a floral, refreshing and creamy texture and ends with a light and elegant finish, apparently. Sadly you won’t be able to buy the aforementioned £1.2 million bottle because it was created for an unnamed private client. If you really want one then, well you’ll just have to commission your own.