Mercedes Benz’s luxury car, the Maybach, is about to be released in yet another guise, this time in tribute to the roots of the company, when it was a subsidiary of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin. The modern Zeppelin has a host of new features, including a perfume atomiser.

100 of these special editions will be released and they will be based on both the 57 and the 62 versions of the luxury limousine. The perfume atomiser contains the owner’s favourite fragrance and at the touch of a button will send the scent around the car.

The back seats are the usual Maybach luxury, with diamond-quilted seat cushions and lambskin carpets. The Zeppelin comes in Rocky Mountain Light Brown and Taiga Black paint scheme and is powered by a 6 litre V12 twin turbo giving 631 horsepower.

Prices start at £365,000 for the 57 and £425,000 for the 62.