Situated within Battersea’s award-winning Falcon Wharf Development, the 65-room, three storey, five-star Rafayel on the Left Bank is the low emission luxury boutique on the banks of the Thames. Unique to the capital, every aspect of the Rafayel carefully marries the finest in high-end hotel living with the very latest technology in an environment designed from the ground up to be green.

With five tiers of room level available, from the Mississippi rooms all the way up to the top-end Nile suites, every option offers pure decadence in terms of design and facilities, with free Wi-Fi, touch control glass panels for door access, lighting and air conditioning control, Internet room service and housekeeping, plus room automation available as standard. In the bathroom, meanwhile, guests can luxuriate in lather before the 32-inch in-wall Philips Ambilight LCD TV, or hook up their laptop, DVD-player, games consoles, digital camera or MP3-player to the rooms fully specced MediaHub, making use of the bathroom and bedrooms discreet in-ceiling speakers to enjoy audiophile-esque sound.

Step up rooms also include free access to the hotels lavish Well Being Spa and gym, along with discounted dining at the award-winning restaurant and brasserie. Add in a library area for those wishing to work outside of the confines of their ultimately appointed rooms and the Rafayel on the Left Bank offers all the five-star traveller with an eco-conscience could ever want…

Behind the cool, contemporary confines of the rooms, spa and restaurant beats the green heart of the Rafayel on the Left Bank. Named Planet Care, the eco-friendly credentials of this opulent dwelling are in little doubt. With all furnishings and fittings recycled, recyclable and utterly energy-efficient, whereas most of todays travellers not only have to carry their airline baggage allowance but also the crushing guilt that comes over fuel and power consumption, guests of the Rafayel on the Left Bank can recline in the lap of luxury safe in the knowledge that, despite the affluent aesthetics, the peerless personal service and the absolute abundance of cutting edge technology available, the Rafayel on the Left Banks impact on the environment is as minimal as that of even the most obsessive tree-huggers home.

A tranquil oasis of calm and fine living the Rafayel on the Left Bank may be, but just outside of its modern, marbled reception lies the centre of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. With London Heliport sat adjacent and the likes of Harrods and Marble Arch mere minutes away by car, the guests of the Rafayel are ideally placed to explore the myriad delights of the capital before returning to their high-tech haven for dinner, a nightcap or simply to soak up the hotels ambiance.

The Rafayel on the Left Bank is currently offering incredible debut rates with rooms starting at just 120 per night. For reservations contact: +44 (0)207 801 3610 or book online